Who are we? 2

Dan Robinson

He is a West Point grad and former US Army Field Artillery Officer.  He has an MBA and has lived and/or worked all over the United States, West Germany, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, South Korea and Australia.  He is a former GOP Unit Chairman of the Year in Virginia’s 4th Congressional District and under his leadership won GOP Unit of the Year in Virginia’s 3rd Congressional District.  He has a background in IT and security consulting for Fortune 500 Companies, government and non-profit organizations.  He also served as an intern for Senator James M. Inhofe of Oklahoma.


Paul Vaught

He (as usual) missed the deadline and couldn’t be bothered to let any of you know anything about him.  We feature Paul’s resume heavily in the podcast so listen.  He is funny is about all we can tell you.

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2 thoughts on “Who are we?

  • greglori7

    In this crazy political season, I thought I’d finally post a few thoughts about Bernie. It started with a simple question: “What do you think about Bernie?” With quite a few of my friends and family supporting Bernie Sanders, I wanted to get beyond the posts I was seeing on Facebook and hearing on the radio and TV. I wasn’t content to simply accept the sentiment that many have stated: “He’s a Socialist; how can anyone vote for him?” So I began to read…and read…and listen…and read some more. I went to Bernie’s website and read his platform and other articles about him. The study evolved into a months-long examination (and re-examination) of my own thoughts and philosophy of life in regard to such topics as how to care for the poor, Socialism, climate change, greed, freedom, and so much more.

    The end result of answering that first question was an essay that summarizes much of what I believe about social and political issues, the Constitution, and freedom, addressed in the context of an analysis of Bernie’s policies.

    If you’re interested in reading this analysis, you can find it on my blog site at: https://gregstuffsite.wordpress.com/

    I hope you find the piece intriguing. Thank you.

    Greg Sullivan

    • dan@rought.org Post author

      Will try to read through your piece in the next few days. Whether or not we agree with you I welcome the discussion on here… I am opposed to Bernie’s policies in general and think he suffers from the same problem most big government socialists do. They always assume the pie is finite, which it isn’t but beacuse of that they cut the legs out from innovation and motivation by distributing ungained wealth. This never works in a society.

      Thanks for posting,